For several years now working as a mobile makeup artist in Calgary, I’ve spent time working with women of all ages and backgrounds; all with their own celebratory personal style.

Most of my clients share at least one thing: 


It’s coated in a myriad of stains and it’s lush with old or unused products!

(…and stray strands of hair, pencil shavings, used q-tips…mmmmmm…It’s all good I’ve seen it all)


Whatever IT is!   Spring is the time for renewal.

I get it. Not everyone is type A. (This girl is one of those, being a clean freak is both a blessing and a curse.)

Of course your makeup isn’t going to be in the same condition as your makeup artist’s.  I find myself cleaning a client’s product in the caddy  I’m now wiping out during a lesson while we talk shop.  We’re talking about what products clients have that are amazing and which ones are well…garbage.

The cosmetics industry is worth BILLIONS because we are endlessly searching for a miracle product. (There are a few, though they don’t always work for EVERYONE). Your miracle product likely varies from another woman’s miracle product.

Unfortunately, we often choose products and product colours out of old habit. Makeup application habits that don’t serve us can be formed based on outdated or just straight up misinformation. Skincare is often overlooked. Understanding what products are best for us often just takes trial and error.  How unfortunate that it becomes wasted time and money. We don’t throw things out because we think we’ll use them SOMEDAY.  ie:”That brow gel was $40 THANK YOU!”

SIDE RANT: What’s up with reality tv personalties? Why does production let them smoosh pounds of yellow foundation that rests on top of their faces, stopping at the jawline?

We do have to be so careful as makeup aritsts to stay true to the subject’s actual skintone while making suitable adjustments. In many cases the treatment in post, some filters can really pull forward any yellow based corrections made on skin (that is more than just one colour). I’m especially passionate about foundation MATCHING. I really believe there is a pandemic regarding the act of piling on yellow based full coverage foundation as the yellows cover imperfections easily such as discolouration and redness. NOT EVERYONE IS TANNED or YELLOW BASED. It’s insanity. Just look at the hands (and sometimes just the neck) of anyone on any KUWTK episode or housewives spinoff ever. #letitbreathe #letitgo

Okay, back to the joyusness of SPRING and all that is anew.

It’s time to emerge from this Alberta winter already.

Now that it’s finally warming up, I will hear from clients wanting to switch up their foundation for spring and summer.

I find clients often ask: What kind of foundation is best for me?  How do I avoid the “cakey” look?  What colours are best for me?

These are amazing questions to talk about. During a lesson clients experience Eureka! moments and they’re pretty rewarding. I end up answering questions like these and also ask a few of my own:

When’s the last time you cleaned your brushes? (Yup, LOVE CLEANING MY BRUSHES…it’s like watching caligraphy or font artists in action, it’s a zone.) Why do you like this product? When do you use this product?  How do you apply this product? How old is this product?

C’mon, spring into it. Kiss old pointless habits and unneccssary products GOODBYE. 


THE KONDO $36.75 30 min

As a kickoff to our lesson or application, allow an extra 30min for this service. An assesment of your entire makeup routine. I offer suggestions on where to do your makeup, we sanitize your makeup, we edit your makeup.  I offer your my insight on how to make the morning makeup process more efficient with self care in mind.

Admittedly, I do often end up often introducing more steps to a client’s makeup routine. Every art is about layering. The art of taking time to look and feel your best while enjoying the process. (You can do a lot of the heavy lifitng at night ladies. It’s all in the skincare!) Just like anything else, the more you practice, the more effortless it becomes.

PERSONAL SHOP $278.25 2h

We can always take it a step further.  Boots on the ground, we go to the source, Sephora and other shops! There are so many ways to pracically learn as we get to swatch, compare, layer, log.  It’s basically a walking tour learning about makeup for YOU. I offer my take on this year’s makeup and hair trends and offer customized suggestions for you to update your look for SPRING 2019!

I’ll teach you how to choose your own foundation. Stop taking someoene else’s word for it. KNOW how to choose foundations YOURSELF next time you shop. LEARN how to recognize a quality product. LEARN the language of a cosmetic product label. LEARN about options to protect and care for your skin. LEARN about which brands are available locally do not test on animals. (Thanks Jen) LEARN about new innovations and ol’ reliable ones. KNOW how to recognize a product you will actually use!

Admittedly it’s been at least a year since I peppered my pout with a colour like this- said lipstick applied in the truck during Saturday’s snowstorm for a comedy show! 40 isn’t too old  for PINK PIZZAZZ BTW!



Many Thanks for Stopping In,





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