Halloween with the Homestretch CBC Calgary

Halloween with the Homestretch CBC Calgary

WOW! What a rush! I was inside the booth where Calgary Radio pros do their thing! Doug Dirks and Jenny Howe are seasoned in their roles and the ease they move in and out of the seconds between segments is amazing.  The production team behind the glass are working every second to make sure the Homestretch has flow. Admittedly I was nervous as I had ideas about what may go on though it was off the cuff!

Do you remember the first time you heard your recorded voice? It’s weird right? I have a whole new respect for all the planning and timing that goes into radio!

I really had fun and it was a lot to think about what to say when the throws came my way while in the midst of layering layering layering!

The sugar skull still reigns as my most popular request on Halloween three years running. I try to change it up to continue to challenge myself! I’ll invite you to have a look at some of the skulls on my Halloween Page!

Many many thanks to Jenny and Doug and their production team for having me. It was a once in a lifetime expeience I will happliy look back on!

Here’s a link to the awesome time lapse video the team put together!

CBC Calgary’s Time Lapse Vid on FB

Meanwhile: Yesterday before the big show:

I’ve put together a chart for her look. There are aspects I will definitly be doing and other tweaks I’ll likely make.  I do struggle with sticking to design descisions!  The joy here is that I have free reign to let the art just happen! We’ll see how “The Jenny” looks at 6:00!  I invite you to check back as I’ll be providing pics here and there may be some time lapse footage to link to!


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