COVID-19 and Makeup Application

COVID-19 and Makeup Application

COVID – 19 and Makeup Application

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Today’s blog is brought to you by the letter Q- for Quarantine.

This is a quick message to let clients and colleagues.  Know that my understanding the best prevention of any flu after immunization is to limit exposure. Things are slowing down in many industries, some now at a grinding halt because of the desire for COVID -19 infection prevention.

I believe it is wise to avoid using store testers and avoid having any makeup applied that is not your own product used exclusively by you. In any case, as always, NEVER SHARE THE CHAPSTICK, never share the mascara.

As a professional, my kit is always sanitary. I have no concern regarding spreading a virus through my makeup supplies. I use 70% alcohol solution to disinfect my tools and wouldn’t dream of a double dip. WHY? Why take the risk?

I do worry about contracting the virus through touching a dirty surface and eventually touching my face afterward or unknowingly spreading the virus during an unknown incubation period. Thankfully in my case worry turns into hyper-diligence paranoia about touching my face; gloves and masks paired with constant hand washing.

At the end of the day, I will have to work eventually and I plan to power on with caution. I will likely follow industry lead and go to work when I am called (as long as I am asymptomatic). Who knows. We’ll see how the pandemic evolves over the next weeks and months.

We have to consciously remember to wash our hands before and after getting into our ears, noses, eyes, mouths or underwear 🙂

We also have to break any habit that involves unnecessarily touching our faces. I love wearing a mask as I notice how much I go to touch my face and it’s an excellent deterrent.

Best of  luck to everyone. Let’s be reasonable, take measures to be kind and keep our hands and makeup application habits clean. Angela






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