CHARCOAL and SKINCARE: Does it work?

I was asked recently, “What do you think of this charcoal trend? Does it really help?”   I’ve used masks and cleansers with charcoal, I remember my skin feeling soft-but other than that I hadn’t thought much about it. I was inspired learn more!   DID YOU KNOW?   Charcoal is used medically to absorb […]

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5 WAYS TO SUMMER PROOF MAKEUP: CALGARY STAMPEDE 2017 EDITION Those of us who wear makeup know that hot days present challenges. Read on for some quick tips on how to summer proof your makeup for Stampede and beyond. 1. If your skin has been well looked after your makeup will adhere and wear that much […]

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TOP 3 Makeup TRENDS for SPRING 2017

HERE ARE MY PICS  FOR THE TOP 3 MAKUEP TRENDS for SPRING 2017, based on what was forecasted on the runways this past  fall, as listed on: Hapers Bazaar The most interesting and common thread is an alternative application style to what we’ve been seeing the last coupe of years: 1.  “PUNCH OF COLOUR”: This carries over […]

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Spring into Summer! Wearing colour can be intimidating. I understand, the less I wear it makuep-wise the more courage it takes to put it on myself when I do. A little goes a long way and hey you don’t have to wear every trend or colour all at once! Ahhh, spring is settling into summer here […]

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Keeping it Cool: The Makeup Artist and Customer Service

    WHAT KEEPS YOU A “COOL CUSTOMER”? What can your makeup artist do better for you? What kinds of customer service practices do you appreciate? What keeps you happy in any customer service transaction?   Here I’ll tell you I like the idea of : Purposefully treating others as I’d like to be treated. […]

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Makeup and Skincare: Product Lifespan Tips

My intention here is to provide some guidance regarding makeup and skincare product purchase, storage, use, life span and safety. All of the information here is subjective. I invite you to take what you will and leave the rest. It’s likely because I’ve never forgotten my mother asking me as a little girl: “Have you seen […]

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Breakfast Television: Smoky Eye Makeup Demo

Hi Friends! I was fortunate enough to be invited back to Breakfast Television, this time to talk Makeup at the Grammy Awards! The trend I noticed was a neutral matte pink lip, seemingly anything in a petal or baby pink!  I have an idea that it’s likely because as  a celeb performing, attending and after- […]

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