“My make up still rocked even at the bitter end!!”

Missy, Bride

Actual Text Message

“Thank you for doing such a great job. Our lawyers are an admittedly tough crowd to please and they were extremely happy with your work. With these pictures being so personal and important to their business that speaks volumes about your talent.”

Dev, Corporate Client

Actual Email

“So happy you are part of it 🙂 You know, when **** came in all full of **** and vinegar – I want you to know how much I appreciate you doing what you do and bringing him back into the fold. It’s a skill you’ve mastered, and doesn’t go unnoticed :)”

Video Producer

Actual Text Message

“It was wonderful working with Angela. Her ability to stay calm, positive and extremely competent in stressful situations was utterly impressive. Angela is incredibly talented, her work is truly excellent-and on top of that, her personality rocked my world. A gift to any project, I hope I get the chance to work with her again soon.”

Julie-Lynn Mortensen

Actress, Drawing Home

“On set, Angela was a joy to work with: punctual, responsible and quick. More than her technical skills which are superb she has fantastic personal relation antics which go a long way. She works extremely well with the actors as well as the crew. As a director I value all these qualities and most of all her unyielding commitment to her job, her honesty and integrity. As a co-producer, I appreciate her professionalism, her understanding of budget constraints and her ability to adhere to a budget. There is no doubt in my mind that I would work with Angela on any project.”

Michal Lavi, Director

“You aren’t intimidating and you make me feel good. Others notice I look good and feel better. You choose a makeup style that suits me rather than just “doing my makeup.” You are multitalented, TV, parties, formal, etc. You aren’t a one trick pony.”

Julie, Returning Client

“IT WAS AWESOME! I had such a blast and you were fantastic! Thank you SO much. They (the prints) turned out awesome!!!”

April, Pinup Shoot Client

Actual Email