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Private or Group Sessions : Also Available in Cochrane

Makeup Artist Angela McIntosh offers all kinds of makeup lessons and instruction, drawing from her experience over the length of her career. She’s consulted with individuals on how to update their current look, guided performers on how to apply their own makeup design and worked with transgendered women to refine their application. Angela especially enjoys group education, whether it’s to provide insight into translating trend for the everyday professional, a how-to on any desired look for a bachelorette party. There’s always a new presentation around the corner. Angela specializes in corporate and private packages that are customized to each client’s needs. Private makeup lessons in Calgary and area are also available for any occasion. Every makeup instruction session is tailored to  individual client interests and goals, whether it’s technical  or artistic insight you’re looking for.

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“The guest speaker: had order, very friendly, openly honest, and knowledgeable. The PowerPoint also didn’t make me want to sleep. Lots of hands on learning with cosmetics was very helpful.”

“I was extremely impressed with Angela’s self-confidence, expertise and professionalism. And she is genuine, a winning combination. I’m always happy to have found a top notch professional. This is the level of excellence that I am for but it’s not easy to come by. With a few strokes of her brush she transformed out members into visions of loveliness. And she made it look so easy.”

“The professional that led the event was, in my opinion just excellent. Thank you to her for providing her expertise. Thank you for finding such a capable person.”
“It was an excellent evening- I learned lots of tips and Angela was delightful-very informative and a good sense of humor. “