MAKEUP WORKSHOPS: Summer Day Camp Scheduling in Progress! A skill you’d like to learn? Contact Angela:
MAKEUP WORKSHOPS: Summer Day Camp Scheduling in Progress! A skill you’d like to learn? Contact Angela:

It was the gory stuff that first got me excited about becoming a makeup artist. At VFS and during my big budget film career I had the opportunity to learn how to make my own makeup prosthetics, though I hadn’t really used the skill while working on the big budget stuff. I had applied a few prosthetics on set though I found most of my skills were developed over time in basic corrective, breakdown makeups and woundage- straight out of  kit. It wasn’t until I was training to teach prosthetics that I seriously put time into developing my own pieces.

Most often I would use my practical knowledge to cover tattoos, grime someone up or blood splatter in the moment on background, or maintain a senior artist’s work on set. Sometimes my task was to re-create another artists work from a continuity photo.

I’ve revived my interest and am making up for lost opportunity during those years and am loving my current re-visit of practical makeup injury effects. I’m having a blast building my prosthetics kit inventory with custom pieces. It’s liberating for me to work from inspiration and focus on the fun and art of it.   I’m also loving teaching others how to make their own!!

My workshops encourage participants to dream up their own lacerations, burns or fantasy fx and bring them to life! I’m happy to guide students through learning how to successfully design, create, apply & colour makeup prosthetics. Each participant sculpts their own design from clay, casts it in silicone and then pours their own prosthetic appliances. Everyone leaves with the tools to make more of their pieces at home!


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Step 1. Sculpt


Step 2. Cast


Step 3. Pour Prosthetic (no photo)


Step 4: Application before blood


Step 5: Blood Staging




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